Is the Ruger LC Charger 5.7×28 Perfection?

Though the Ruger LC Carbine was a fantastic, light, and compact design, I had hoped for a Ruger LC Charger pistol variant. It’s here and probably the best 5.7mm ever. From an ultimate wish list for 5.7×28 owners, it has it all — compact size, accuracy, light recoil, threaded barrel, and capacity. It is also more affordable compared to competing options such as the FN PS90 SBR or even UZI or HK MP7 options.

The Ruger-57 magazines are also priced at less than half the cost of magazines for other 5.7 firearms. When it comes to accuracy, the LC Charger is more accurate than other available 5.7 pistols, but still compact. It appears to be the perfect choice that everyone has been seeking in the 5.7×28 caliber.

RUger LC Charger 5.7x28mm pistol with a MBI Beam in the folded position
The MWI Beam folds flat as a compact option for owners.

LC Charger Design

Ruger introduced the Ruger-5.7 pistol, LC Carbine. Now it has introduced the LC Charger as a direct competitor to the expensive and elusive FN Five-Seven pistol chambered in 5.7×28, but also to some other pistols with a similar format. The HK MP7 is similar, but literally unobtainable unless you are military.

When I look at this LC Charger, I cannot help but think it looks to a 1940s UZI with magazine in grip design. One of the tricks the LC Carbine and LC Charger has is the bullpup-style design. The two-piece bolt-over-barrel design is another distinct feature, significantly reducing the overall length of the firearm. While a typical 10-inch barreled AR-15 pistol with a folding stock measure around 23 inches, the 10.3-inch barreled LC Charger measures only 16 inches.

The design makes it noticeably shorter and easier to conceal in a backpack than an AR-15 pistol. The bullpup design, combined with this length, results in a well-balanced firearm, (even during single-handed unsupported shooting with or without the included sling). The rear of the receiver includes integrated QD sling mount points that can be used with the included adjustable sling for sling-supported shots.

The Ruger LC Charger with a 10.3-inch barrel is directly competing with the FN 10.4-inch barreled SBR PS90, which is specifically designed and optimized for the 5.7×28 round.

The Ruger LC Charger weighs only 4.15 pounds and features a shorter handguard, 10.3-inch barrel, rear picatinny mount, threaded barrel, no stock or sights, and retains compatibility with the same 20-round magazines as the LC Carbine.

Field Stripped Ruger LC Charger Chambered in 5.7x28mm
Disassembly was different than other pistol. However, after you do it once, it’s a snap!

The LC Charger is designed with ambidextrous features, allowing for easy configuration for right or left-hand operation of the non-reciprocating charging handle. This is particularly important for such a compact firearm, as it allows for a support-hand grip on the handguard. The trigger, safety, and magazine release are carried over directly from the Ruger-5.7 pistol design, with the lower frame essentially replicating that of the pistol. The trigger utilizes the Secure Action fire-control system, providing a smooth, round break similar to that of a striker-fired pistol.

The LC Carbine and LC Charger feature a single pin tool-less takedown process that is simple. The bullpup attachments such as the unbraced Midwest Industries folding Beam (featured in this article) can be added to the rear picatinny rail and are not affected by the ATF brace ban. Notably, the Charger version gives up nothing from an accuracy perspective compared to the carbine version with most 25-yard groups in the 1/2-inch range, and 50-yard groups remaining under 3/4 inches.


Caliber: 5.7x28mm
Capacity: 20+1 rounds
Weight: 4.15 pounds
Overall length: 16 inches
Twist: 1:9″ RH
Barrel length: 10.3 inches
Barrel feature: Fluted, black nitride
Thread pattern: 1/2″-28
Receiver material: Aluminum alloy
Grooves: 8
Rear mount: Picatinny rail mount
Receiver finish: Type III hard-coat anodized
Suggested retail: $999

Shooting 5.7×28

The LC Charger pistol is particularly appealing for those who intend to use it with a suppressor. Many gun owners already possess .22 LR rimfire suppressors that are rated for 5.7×28. My Ruger Silent-SR suppressor worked flawlessly, reducing the snap of the 5.7×28 round to a level just above the hearing-safe threshold. The LC Charger is a versatile firearm suitable for nearly any general use under 200 yards.

Ruger LC Charger chambered in 5.7x28mm topped with a MD-25 SLx red dot
A MD-25 SLx red dot was featured on the build.

In testing, the 5.7×28 has shown to still be deadly to 300 yards. My Ruger-5.7 pistol and LC Carbine have come and gone already, but I think this LC Charger is here to stay in my collection. It offers that just right ‘goldilocks’ balance that is perfect for the 5.7×28 round.

Are you a 5.7×28 fan? What’s your take on the Ruger LC Charger? Share your answers in the Comment section.

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