Top Guns I Would Use in Horror Movies


Being a big fan of both firearms and horror movies, I often find myself daydreaming about what guns I would use in each situation. There’s no doubt that some of these victims could have been aided by a good firearm — and a little situational awareness — but some would definitely work better than others. So, in honor of Halloween, let’s take a look at some of the top guns to use in horror movies. 

Dawn of the Dead loading revolver
Here we can see someone with the right idea using a .22, but a single-action revolver is not nearly as effective as a Ruger 10/22. (Image Source: IMFDB)

Dawn of the Dead

I’ll kick things off with a classic conundrum, what to use to defend against zombies. There are plenty of great zombie movies, but I specifically went with Dawn of the Dead because it leans more into the horror aspect, rather than the action. Zombie defense is a numbers game, meaning you need to have as much ammo as you can carry. .22 ammo is lighter than other calibers and takes up less space in your pack. It’s powerful enough to zap a zombie with a proper headshot and can be used on human attackers as well. 

As far as a firearm platform, you’d be hard-pressed to beat a suppressed Ruger 10/22 with a backpack full of extended magazines. With a long history of good accuracy and reliability, this is a proven semi-auto .22 rifle. Slap a red dot sight on it and you’re ready to rock. Further, the suppressor will keep you from drawing unwanted attention from other zombies and attackers. 

S&W Model 327
The 8-shot .357 Magnum snub nose is ready for up close and personal action.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

This next one is a little unconventional, but hang with me. I would keep a good handgun under the pillow if I found myself in A Nightmare on Elm Street. My top choices: A S&W 327 8-shot .357 Magnum snub nose or an HK USP45 Compact. Both are great compact options that pack a punch. I’d lean more towards the wheel gun, as you’re likely to get into close quarters dualing the dream demon, and the revolver won’t jam when pressed up against his body. 

The key to taking out Freddy Kruger, is bringing him out of the dream and into the real world. Once that’s done, you better have a good weapon on hand. Good luck! 

Friday The 13th Rifle
Unfortunately, an empty .22 LR rifle isn’t going to cut it. Something with much more power is needed. (Image Source: IMFDB)

Friday the 13th

If I found myself at Camp Crystal Lake on a particular Friday, I’d surely be comforted by a dependable 12-gauge pump shotgun. A stout load of buckshot or slug will bust right through any hockey mask. It also has enough knockdown power (hey, we’re in a movie, right?) to handle the behemoth Jason Voorhees. 

There are plenty of great pump-action shotguns around, but I’d stick with something tried and true such as a Mossberg 590 or Remington 870. A tube magazine is ideal, as it allows you to top off your ammo along the way and tends to be more reliable. You don’t want to be fumbling with bulky 12-gauge box magazines as you’re running around. 

The SIG Sauer MCX-Spear is a next generation weapon ready for whatever you can throw at it. Even horror movie villains.


The Halloween series has actually seen a fair bit of firearm use. Michael Myers has been shot a lot, but he just keeps on going. So, it’s going to take something big to take him down and it won’t be in one shot. I’d go with a semi-auto .308 such as the SIG MCX-Spear, the civilian version of the new XM7 rifle used by the U.S. Army. 

The SIG Spear is similar to a gas-adjustable piston AR-10 rifle but does not feature a buffer tube, which allows the use of a folding stock. Another ergonomic enhancement is the side-folding charging handle, which provides you more leverage without taking your eye off the optic. All of this, along with some other smaller improvements, makes this rifle a high performer in modularity and reliability for the modern shooter. It’s ready for even the toughest of villains. 

Chucky Beretta Jetfire
In the third film, Chucky even has his own Beretta Jetfire, so watch out! (Image Source: IMFDB)

Child’s Play/Chucky

Given that the Chucky doll — or newly transformed serial killer Charles Lee Ray if you will — is about the size of a bowling pin, I think the perfect firearm to use in Child’s Play would be a 1911 pistol. Of course, it would need to be chambered in the classic .45 ACP, as it will blow him back several feet because of the incredible stopping power (tongue meet cheek). The single-action trigger will make for fast follow-up shots as the doll runs around. 

I think a Colt Gold Cup would be fitting, especially for the time period of the film. However, you could insert your favorite 1911 here. Kimber, Springfield, and SIG Sauer make excellent options as well. I would just make sure to use quality magazines and pack extra, this doll has a habit of getting back up again and again. 

Benelli M4
The hard-hitting M4 handles well in close quarters and provides fast follow-up shots.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 

Based on a true story, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a prime example of why you should have a firearm while traveling, or really, anytime. If I were caught in a battle with Leatherface and his family, I’d think of nothing better to use than a Benelli M4. The pistol grip configuration will be good for maneuvering around the corners of the halls of the house and the reliable auto-regulating gas system will make sure you don’t have any malfunctions. I thought about a pump-action here, but because of the multiple attackers, I think it’s good to have a semi-auto action. 

The FN SCAR 20S is a battle rifle you can bet your life on, even against Xenomorphs.


I don’t have a machine gun from the future or a suit of robot armor, so if I’m going to be taking on Xenomorphs, I want to do so from a great distance. Why? One big reason… acid blood. I don’t want one drop of that on me. Not to mention if it gets on your gun, you’re done for. 

A solid long-range rifle setup is key. There’s typically multiple grouped together, so an autoloader would be preferable. I’d probably go with something such as the FN SCAR 20S chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor. Admittedly, the specific rifle is less important than selecting some good glass. An adjustable magnification scope with a BDC reticle would allow you to make quick adjustments to engage targets in multiple positions. The exact power of your optic will depend on your skill level and rifle’s caliber, but I’d suggest at least a 1–6X. 

The Hills Have Eyes Movie Poster
Stay vigilant, the hills have eyes. (Image Source: IMFDB)

The Hills Have Eyes

Finally, for another one of the more realistic movies — The Hills Have Eyes — I’d go with a trusty AR-15 and a boatload of magazines. With multiple attackers at unknown distances surrounding you, you’re going to need all the help you can get. I’d pack a Daniel Defense rifle with an Aimpoint PRO. These are stealthy attackers, so you’ll likely only be able to get a shot off as they approach, and a red dot sight will be perfect for fast target acquisition. 

What are some of your favorite horror movies? What guns would you use in them? Share your answers in the Comment section.

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